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Rise in Counterfeit Condoms in the UK

News from the UK of an increase in counterfeit condoms being imported from the east.

The government’s health regulator has warned there are a rising number of counterfeit condoms being smuggled into to the UK.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA) claims millions have been illegally imported in the last 18 months.

Family planning experts say the bogus condoms don’t provide protection against STIs or pregnancy.

Tests carried out on many of the fakes show they have a high burst rate.

Senior investigator Danny Lee-Frost said: “These products are made in the Far East for pennies and then sold over here for pounds.

He says the condoms are mainly being found on sale in corner shops, newsagents and market stalls.

Most concerning is that the counterfeit condoms are almost identical to major brands like Durex.

Defective condoms hold a significant risk of failure putting users at risk of sexual infections like HIV.

For this reason I highly recommend purchasing condoms for a large retailer like Boots, or  your local sexual health centre.

If you are travelling to places like Asia it is important to purchase your condoms at home before travel.

While overseas you can never be sure if you are purchasing counterfeit condoms or if the packs have been improperly stored leading to damage. Again, it’s best to BYO condoms when travelling.

It better to be safe then sorry.

Yours in good health.

Dr George Click for full story at BBC


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