Do You Have A Good Family Doctor Or GP?

Hey there Guys. Today I wanted to have a brief chat about the importance of having a good family doctor or GP.

When it comes to well being and health promotion medicine has been slow to pick up the importance of prevention and holistic care. One area of medicine that is currently leading the push to encourage and enable patients to take control of health is family medicine and GP.

A visit to your doctor is now being seen as an opportunity to not just get particular problems fixed, but a chance to prevent future problems.

This is the reason why having a good GP is so important. Early detection of potential problems can make a massive difference to health down the line.

Ask yourself the question, when is the best time to take treat something like a headache? Early when you first notice it, or later when it’s extremely painful, throbbing and you are vomiting from the pain? Most migraine sufferers know that early treatment is better and easier when possible.

Having a motivated and interested family doctor can make a huge difference to preventing a variety of problems.

The Value Of A Good GP or Family Doctor

One of the reasons I enjoy my work as a GP is that it’s a great opportunity to get to know and learn a lot about my patients. I found the care I witnessed while working in the hospitals as disjointed and overly problem focused. Sadly health promotion and prevention of disease was “all too difficult” in the rapid, churning environment of a busy hospital.

As I have mentioned before, for gay men, having a good GP is one of the best tools to helping increase health. In case you missed it here are some tips on how to find a great gay GP in your area.

So do you have a good family doctor? What qualities do you find important when it comes to choosing your doctor? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Yours in great health.

Dr George

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