Doctors For Family, Homophobia In Medicine?

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Today I wanted to share a disturbing story published in the Australian paper The Star Observer: [Gay] Marriage Will Lead To Health Risks. This story the reports how 150 Australian doctors have banded together against same sex marriage.

[wpse_b_box_solid width=”87%” style=”blue_light”]A group of 150 medical professionals have claimed same-sex marriage would negatively impact on people’s general health and potentially increase HIV rates.

In a submission to the recent Senate inquiry into same-sex marriage, the group Doctors For The Family said it was opposed to any change to the Marriage Act.

“Legislation of same-sex marriage will have significant ramifications that have been confirmed by research and events here and elsewhere,” the group said.[/wpse_b_box_solid]


I have to say that this disturbs me greatly. More disturbing is the tripe that can be extracted from the Doctors For Family website:

[wpse_b_box_solid width=”87%” style=”blue_light”]Marriage as currently defined in the Marriage Act 2004 “…the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life” provides the best environment for children to grow. [/wpse_b_box_solid]


While a romantic idea, Marriage is not just about having children, heck their website even goes on to admit that with the quote: “…the definition of marriage plays an important role in the law of adoption, education, employee benefits, health care, employment discrimination, government contracts and subsidies, taxation, tort law, and trusts and estates.”

I can not propose to represent the views of all gay men and women, however I can say that for me marriage is not about having children. Marriage is about equal representation under the law. The very topics quoted above that Doctors For Families are worried about.

Of course they are worried, if they change the definitions then “the gays” will be able to stand on an equal footing as heterosexuals. Perhaps I should refer to them “breeders” as by their definition the only purpose of heterosexual marriage is to produce and raise children.

In a worrying statement Doctors For Family quote:

[wpse_b_box_solid width=”87%” style=”blue_light”]The rate of new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men was 44 times that of other men and 40 times that of women, and primary and secondary syphilis rates were 46 times that of other men and 71 times that of women, according to data presented at the 2010 National STD Prevention Conference in Atlanta. [/wpse_b_box_solid]


This is presented as part of their supporting arguments against the “normalisation” of homosexuality though education of children. While it’s difficult to establish what they are trying to say I get the feeling that it’s a potential argument that if gay marriage is allowed, and children are forced to know it exists, that HIV and Syphilis will rise?

This same spurious argument could be presented for another subset of people: Let’s say those who hail from Greece.

[wpse_b_box_solid width=”87%” style=”blue_light”]”Thalassemia, an inherited blood disease, is found in highest prevalence in Greek populations. If Greeks are allowed to marry within their own race this disease will not only be perpetuated but it increases the risk of premature death of vulnerable children.

Karposi Sarcoma an established AIDS defining disease was first discovered in Greek males. Clearly allowing marriage to Greek males would put children at risk of inheriting AIDS. [/wpse_b_box_solid]


I’m sure you can see the total lack of logic in these two fictitious examples, yet basic medical jargon is able to make it sound somewhat legitimate.

We don’t have to go back too far to remember the many arguments, some even medical, produced against white and black marriage…

For me this website is a disturbing trend. Angry, anonymous, cherry picked research chosen to drive your “moral agenda du jour”. Doctors For Family declined to put names to their website however a simple search shows the domain registered to a Western Australian GP, Dr Lachlan Dunjey. From his Twitter account: @lachlandunjey he reports he is “passionate for human life, morality in medicine, liberty of conscience, freedom of speech and for ethical government in an ethical Australia”

Dr Dunjey, I too am passionate about human life, morality, liberty and freedom of speech for myself, my community and all my patients. For me an ethical Australia includes equal access to all rights no matter whether the gender of the person someone may choose to love. As a doctor I choose to support homosexual law reform and reject homophobia no matter the context it’s presented in. I urge other doctors to join me with passion.

Yours in good health.

Dr George Forgan-Smith

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