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What Part Of Gay Marriage Don’t People Get?

Hey there Guys. Today in the news was a report that New Zealand parliament listed to the idea that gay marriage should be called “sarriage” to differentiate it from heterosexual marriage. From News.com.au: Local campaigner Russell Morrison put his proposal to the government administration committee yesterday during a public hearing on marriage equality legislation. “There […]

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does coming out decrease stress

Coming Out As Gay Leads To Reduced Stress

Hey there Guys. Today I came across some interesting research that shows coming out as a gay man or woman leads to decreased symptoms of stress as well as lower levels of stress hormones in the blood. Release this week in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine: Researchers affiliated with the University of Montreal, tested the levels […]

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my wonderful gay relationship

The Healthy Bear On Gay Relationships: What Makes Them?

Hey there Guys. Just this week I had an interesting interaction with a colleague about gay relationships. Sadly I have to say that the interaction left me rather disappointed and angry that when offered the opportunity to discuss the wide and varied topics available about gay relationships that delightfully tired chestnut appeared: Monogamy Vs. Non-Monogamy. […]

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gay marriage tasmania

Tasmania Passes First Step To Gay Marriage

Twitter is filled with much joy and excitement with Tasmania taking the first step to being the first state in Australia to allow gay marriage. Tasmania’s House of Assembly has passed a bill to allow gay couples to marry bit.ly/Ox2M7Q — ABC News (@abcnews) August 30, 2012 Tasmania was not always a progressive state… 16 […]

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What Are The Keys To Strong Gay Relationships?

With the current debate about gay marriage there has been a lot of discussion about the “validity” and “strength” of  gay relationships. Much like in the straight world there are all sorts of relationships. Gay relationships range  from people who are perpetually dating, serial monogamy, right through to couples that have been together for many years, […]

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Doctors For Family, Homophobia In Medicine?

Hey there Guys, Today I wanted to share a disturbing story published in the Australian paper The Star Observer: [Gay] Marriage Will Lead To Health Risks. This story the reports how 150 Australian doctors have banded together against same sex marriage. [wpse_b_box_solid width=”87%” style=”blue_light”]A group of 150 medical professionals have claimed same-sex marriage would negatively […]

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The Impact Of Gay Marriage On Health

[pb_vidembed title=”” caption=”” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TBd-UCwVAY” type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″] Hey there Guys, Today I came across a press release from The American Sociological Society who’s study has revealed that people who are married were over three times more likely to be alive 3 months after heart surgery then those who were single. To quote the release: “That’s […]

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