What Are The Keys To Strong Gay Relationships?

With the current debate about gay marriage there has been a lot of discussion about the “validity” and “strength” of  gay relationships.

Much like in the straight world there are all sorts of relationships. Gay relationships range  from people who are perpetually dating, serial monogamy, right through to couples that have been together for many years, each year getting stronger and happier.

I have been very fortunate to have my wonderful partner with whom I have shared more the 12 wonderful years. Given how crazy life can get at times it’s such a wonderful support knowing I have Nick there with me, our mutual love strong for each other.

Recently I came across a post by Dr. Brian Rzepczynski who talked about some of the elements commonly found in strong gay relationships. Today I wanted to share some of the points made in his post: Top Ten Qualities Of Gay Super Couples. I found there were many thoughts that resonated with me and I hope they may for  you as well.

Top Qualities For Strong Gay Relationships

  • They share compatible interests and philosophies of life.
  • They openly communicate with each other and stay engaged in each other’s lives.
  • They manage conflict productively.
  • They have a balanced lifestyle comprised of both individual and couple identities.
  • They have fun with life and try not to take things so seriously.


These are just the first five areas discussed by Dr Rzepczynski and I whole heartedly agree. By far the most important factors I have seen in  strong, long lasting gay relationships, or any relationship for that matter are common interests, respect and care for individual identity and being able to deal with conflict in a way that is supportive and caring.

It’s not always easy but the outcomes are amazing…

Guys, what are your thoughts about key elements to making a strong relationship?

Dr George


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