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Tasmania Passes First Step To Gay Marriage

Twitter is filled with much joy and excitement with Tasmania taking the first step to being the first state in Australia to allow gay marriage.

Tasmania was not always a progressive state…

Once seen as highly conservative, Tasmania has really stood up and are leading what may end being a strong push to the federal government to consider marriage equity for all Australia.

Let’s hope that this passes equally as easily in the upper house.

What will be interesting is the potential issues that may exist if we have gay marriage established at a state level, but still undecided at a federal level.

Two arguments have been presented:

From one perspective if all Australian states pass legislation to allow for gay marriage this would force the federal government to change the Australian law regarding marriage.

The second argument is that if pushed too hard  the federal government may quash these marriages given the marriage act is federal law, not state based.

Currently what we do know is that when polled the vast majority of Australians support or at the very least do not oppose gay marriage. Now it’s time for government both state and federal to listen to their people and act.

It’s exciting times, let’s watch and see. Congratulations Tasmania for taking the first brave step to affording all your citizens equality.

Yours in great health.

Dr George

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