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What Part Of Gay Marriage Don’t People Get?

Hey there Guys. Today in the news was a report that New Zealand parliament listed to the idea that gay marriage should be called “sarriage” to differentiate it from heterosexual marriage.


Local campaigner Russell Morrison put his proposal to the government administration committee yesterday during a public hearing on marriage equality legislation.

“There are already too many words in our language with multiple meanings and I don’t believe that we should be adding to that situation,” Mr Morrison said.

The words “marry” and “marriage” referred to a union between a man and a woman so it made sense to use “sarry” and “sarriage” for same-sex couples, he explained.

“Then a person can be asked whether he or she is married or sarried, and the response will make the situation clear for everybody,” he said.

Yet again another attempt to differentiate gay relationships from straight relationships.

What part of marriage equity are people not getting?

I don’t want some special “made just for the gays” marriage. I want the same. How can this be so dam confusing? Grrr.

I agree 100% with Rodney Croon in his response:

What is the point of assigning same-sex couples a different word when ‘marriage’ describes exactly what many same-sex couples already have, a loving, committed, long-term relationship?

Equal representation under the law. The same laws that heterosexuals are able to avail themselves to.

Surely even blind freddy can see that equality doesn’t start with creating some whole new entity “just to keep the gays happy and to stop the heterosexuals from moaning”…

We’ve got a long way to go. That’s ok, I can be patient. That’s said patience is starting to get a bit thin. Surely I’m not the only one.

Dr George

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