Drink Spiking Still Happening In Gay Clubs

Hey there Guys,

Last Friday I was out with Nick and my mates catching up and unwinding after a big week. On arrival to our local pub I was alerted to a man that was passed out in the corner of the pub.

As I made my way toward the man there was a bit of a crowd formed around him, first aid was already being administered by the pub staff and I was happy to offer my help.

On review this man was deeply unconscious, not speaking, not responding to even painful stimuli and struggling to maintain his ability to breath. Thankfully an ambulance had already been called and with gentle positioning of his head he was able to breath without help.

Looking around for who he was with I asked if anyone knew if he had had any substances, or if they knew if he was diabetic or perhaps epileptic. Sadly the information shared was wide and varied but I was able to get the impression this may have been a drug related occurrence.

Thankfully the ambulance arrived taking care of the man and he was taken to hospital for further care. Knowing he was in good hands our night continued on and I had pretty much forgotten about the experience…well that was until today.

It’s weird how the mind works. Today I was chatting with a guy and in the back of my mind I was thinking, you look familiar… He was the man that had passed out at the pub.

Alive and well I was glad to hear he was OK, and then he dropped a bombshell. On the way to the hospital his heart stopped and he needed heart massage to stay alive for more than 13 minutes. His only memory of the night is drinking his beer and then waking up in a resuscitation room with a tube down his throat. I can’t even begin to imagine how scary that must have been.

As part of the medical care in these situations blood is tested for various drugs. For this man he is very lucky to even be alive. He was told he had been given enough Rohypnol (a “popular” date rape drug) to have killed him. Had he not received the caring first aid by the staff at the club this may have been the case.

Thankfully this man is alive to share his story. Police are involved and I hope that the person that spiked his drink may be caught soon.

What is drink spiking?

Drink spiking in the act of adding additional drugs into someone’s drink with the intent of getting them “out of it” to make other acts easier. Sometimes the intent is to rob the person, sometimes it may be rape or harm.

While drugs like Rohypnol are sometimes used even “friends” may do it to their mates, adding shots of vodka to beers, or “dropping a pill to help them have a good night”. This is a low act, potentially lethal and no matter the intent, people who do this deserve to do jail time.

 What can you do to prevent getting your drink spiked?

The key to avoiding drink spiking is to never let your drink out of your site.

If a stranger or new friend offers to buy you a drink be sure to head to the bar with them and watch your drink being poured. Once that drink is in your hand my recommendation is to never let go. If you leave your drink unattended, even for a moment I recommend just leaving it and getting a new drink. You just never know.

If you ever notice a funny taste in your drink, don’t have it. Take it back to the bar and ask for a new one. Most bar staff are pretty cool and will be more than happy to help.

The key is to keep an eye on your drink, from being poured at the bar until it’s inside your belly.

I know it all sounds a bit over the top but I think today’s story is more than enough to reinforce the potential dangers of what can happen.

What do you do if you think your drink has been spiked?

If you suddenly feel unwell, out of it, or drunk out of proportion to what you have had there is a chance your drink may have been spiked. Get help straight away. Let a friend know and ask them to stay with you.

If you are at a bar alone let the bar staff know and stay with them to get help if required. If you have had any substances it’s really important to let them know so if you do pass out they can pass this information on to medical staff. Sometimes medications can mix poorly i.e. Viagra, alcohol and amyl nitrate.

If you notice a friend is suddenly intoxicated, stay with them and get them help straight away.

If your friend passes out you may need to administer first aid so stay with them, call an ambulance and get help straight away.  You can read about basic first aid for people who have OD’d in my post: Caring For Someone Who Has Overdosed.

If you suspect or know of any information about a potential drink spiking please contact the police. Without knowing what is happening the police can do nothing.

To learn more about drink spiking be sure to check out these resources:

Drink Spiking: ReachOut Australia
Queensland Government’s Drink Spiking Fact Sheet
The Roofie Foundation: What To Do If Your Drink Is Spiked

Have you ever been the victim of a drink spiking? Share your thoughts or impressions below.

Yours in safety and good health.

Dr George


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