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Ex Gay Therapy Survivor Shares His Story

I knew that I was gay from an early age. I can still remember Mr Scott, my life saving teacher in grade six and my absolute fascination at the sexy triangle of fur that grew like a forrest from the top of his red speedo’s.

While my thoughts of sexuality had not yet formed, I certainly knew what I enjoyed looking at.

Fortunate for me I was not brought up in a religious home. I had never been exposed to extreme views of homophobia. This curiosity felt normal to me.

Perhaps if I had grown up with brothers or had been connected with the church I may have been “taught” that these feelings were not the same as the majority of the population. I consider myself lucky. I was gay and blissfully unaware that many people found this to be a terrible thing.

Though my work in psychiatry and also as a family doctor I have met many many men who were not as fortunate as me. Stories of parental rejection, bullying and isolation at schools are far too common. Very rarely I meet men who have gone through intensive counselling aka “ex gay therapy” in an attempt to force a gay leopard to “change his spots”.

Recently I was at a dinner and chatting away with a delightful chap who I was thrilled to learn had been a keen reader of this blog. As our conversation deepened it came out that Adrian, my new friend, had not only been through the process of “ex gay” treatments, he has been the spokesperson for them as well!

Adrian’s story is important, and I am grateful that he has been kind enough to share his story here at The Healthy Bear. His candor and honestly is wonderful and I highly recommend any man who has ever contemplated ex gay therapy to listen to this story.

Adrian’s Ex Gay Therapy Story


In good news California is in the process of passing new law to stop Ex Gay therapy from being administered to people under the age of 18. While some right wing groups have slammed the move as “undermining parental rights” and “interfering with the rights of counselors” I see this as a positive step forward to stop the psychological torture of vulnerable people.

I can only hope that in time these therapies can be banned form all existence.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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