Fantastic HIV News for the Christmas Period.

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Hey there Guys,

I just wanted to share an exciting new development in the current work towards an HIV vaccine.

As reported by AFAO, researchers from Western University in Ontario Canada have developed a process to be able to grow HIV virus and then inactivate it via chemicals and radiation to switch off its ability to cause harm.

It is hoped that this inactivated virus will be able to cause a strong immune response, creating antibodies that could attack and kill live HIV virus if exposed some time after vaccination.

This is a fantastic development, however it’s important to understand that development of vaccines takes time and it will most likely be five to ten years before it is likely to be available to the general public. In the meanwhile safe sex continues to be the main process in prevention of infection of HIV.

In other HIV news Science magazine has announced the HPTN 052 HIV prevention trial as the breakthrough of the year:

HIV/AIDS researchers have long debated whether antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) used to treat HIV-infected people might have a double benefit and cut transmission rates. To some it was obvious: ARVs reduce HIV levels, so individuals should be less infectious. Skeptics contended that this was unproven. Then in May of this year, the 052 clinical trial conducted by the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) reported that ARVs reduced the risk of heterosexual transmission by 96%. Because of HPTN 052’s profound implications for the future response to the AIDS epidemic, Science has chosen it as its Breakthrough of the Year.

These findings are amazing! With a 96% reduction in transmission of HIV in heterosexual couples I hope these results can be projected across to the gay community with similar results. Of course safe sex is still a vital key in prevention.

With both an HIV vaccine and successful reduction of community viral load via treatments, this combination shows the potential of eradication of HIV within this generation or the next.

While these advances will never bring my friends back, a world without HIV could be the best Christmas gift ever.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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