How to do CPR

Do You Know How To Do CPR?

Today I wanted to share this great video of a Sydney bus driver who saved a woman’s life because he knew how to do CPR.

Watch in the video how he is totally calm. He walks up, assess what is wrong and starts CPR immediately.

These simple, calm actions saved this woman’s life.

Do you know how to do CPR?

I highly recommend getting trained.  This one skill, combined with calling for an ambulance immediately, saves lives.

The following video is a good synopsis of how to do CPR however I urge all people to have formal training. St John’s Ambulance and Red Cross are some of the many organisations offering the training.

Finding the counting and breathing a bit confusing? Just do the heart pumps. They are enough to safe a life. Just get in there and do it. Save a life!

For the Sydney bus driver, you are a hero. You rock!

Yours in good health.

Dr George


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