Interesting Tattoo Post In The Age

Hey there Guys,

Read an interesting post in The Age today about the removal of tattoo’s. To quote:

Removal is not for the faint-hearted. Experts say it hurts more than inking. Blake’s half-sleeve has cost close to $3000 for 10 treatments, and remains clearly visible

Be aware though:

In Victoria there is no regulation on who can use the lasers, meaning those who want tattoos removed choose between medical laser clinics or others – such as beauty therapists – who have the expensive equipment.

As I mentioned in my post about getting a safe tattoo, knowing your artist is very important and if you are not happy be sure to speak up before the ink gets into the skin.

I always recommend to patients to never get tattoo’s on hands, face, neck or anywhere that is not able to be covered with business attire. You just never know what what your life may turn.

Of course if you do have a tattoo that you regret, removal is an option, however finding the clinician to remove is not an easy task. Lasers burn and done in the wrong way you may be left with permanent scarring worse then then tattoo.

Of course if you are thinking about the possibility of getting a tattoo removed even before you get one, don’t do it!

Yours in good health, and that includes healthy tattoos 🙂

Dr George

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