mephedrone also known as meow meow

Mephedrone AKA Meow Meow May Damage Permanent Memory

Mephedrone AKA” Meow Meow” or “MCAT” has hit the press with release of a study that shows repeated use of the drug leads on impaired memory in rats. Mephedrone use has been proven to be problematic for many years however reseach is only now showing that this particular drug may have some permanent side effects.

What Is Mephedrone?

Mephedrone is a synthetic white powder that can be taken via snorting, swallowing or injection. It is said to have an effect similar to ecstasy and speed with a rapid onset that lasts 1-2 hours. Meow Meow works on the receptors in the brain that are associated with happiness, movement and craving behaviours.

After hitting the bloodstream there is a rapid increase in the “happy hormone” serotonin that then quickly drops down. This is associated with a rush of pleasure that is only short lived. Dopamine, another brain hormone, rises slowly and stay at a relatively high level for many hours. Dopamine is associated with the speed like effects of increased physical movements in addition to activating the craving centres of the brain that lead to the drug being highly addictive and users seeking more and more doses.

Does Meow Meow Have Permanent Effects?

Despite the media reporting mephedrone “frying people’s brain” the research was not able to demonstrate any evidence of inflammation or loss of brain matter.

What was noticed however is that regular use of mephedrone lead to impairment of long term memory. Rats that were given ten moderate doses of meow meow were unable to differentiate between familiar object placed in their cage and new, never before seen objects.

This is consistent with reports that regular meow meow users experience changes in their memory.  As reported at

Sydney user Louise says it’s [mephedrone] not as readily available these days and admits, although she didn’t experience major side effects, she’s noticed lapses in her memory.

In the study memory was tested just 36 days after the final dose of meow meow. It is not currently known how long the impaired memory effects last.

Because of the increased energy meow meow creates, dehydration, seizures, breakdown of muscle and death are potential side effects from each dose.

Guys this is a highly risky drug that is best to avoid. If you choose to take mephedrone it’s best to do it with people you trust from a reliable source. Be sure to keep up your hydration and be sure to seek medical help if there are any concerns. I recommend reviewing my post on caring for someone who has overdosed to offer first aid if someone passes out.

Look after yourself and your friends.

Yours in good health.

Dr George


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