Movember Australia Highlighting Men's Health

Movember Starts A Month Of Men’s Health Promotion

Hey there Guys. Here in Australia Movember, a month long fundraising event, has started with much gusto. Across facebook many men have shaved their beards to start afresh and grow as spectacular moustache as they can in the month of November. Funds raised go towards charities that raise awareness of men’s health issues in particular prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

Movember had been criticised in the the past for donating a large portion of funds towards the Australian charity Beyond Blue. While Beyond Blue’s agenda has always been to highlight the importance of mental health there were significant concerns after their chairman Jeff Kennet had made public homophobic statements. These included associating homosexuality to pedophilia and a 2011 statement that children of heterosexual relationships had better mental health then those from homosexual couples.

In a strong steps forward this year Beyond Blue has had significant input towards research in mental health within the gay community and anti-homophobia campaigns such as The Left Hand Campaign.

Movember continues with a strong aim to improve men’s health in three main areas: research, survivorship and education.

Check out these great Movember men’s health cards

In a great initiative Movember has produce a set of men’s health conversation cards to help prompt guys when visiting their GP. These are a great tool to help highlight and focus attention to health issues a lot of men may have never thought about.

My only comment would be concern that sexual health checkups appear to have dropped off the checklists once men reach their 40’s. We know statistically that 35-45 is a high risk age group for HIV and other infections, and if Viagra scripts are a good guide the men I see in my gay health clinic in Melbourne are sexually active well into their 70’s.

That said any programs that helps men understand and recognise the importance of their health and regular checkups I’m 100% behind it.

So for my friends who are participating in Movember, great work and I wish you the absolute best. If you are not participating I urge you to consider donating towards someone who is. If you are a participant please feel free to place a link and your story in the comments below.

Have a wonderful Movember guys.

Yours in good health.

Dr George


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