Healthy Eating Tips From An Olympic Power Lifter

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I came across this amazing picture from today’s copy of the Melbourne’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Pictured is part of the many foods to go to helping Olympic Lifter Damon Kelly grow muscle for his power lifting competitions. At first glance there is a huge amount of food, but look again and you may notice something interesting that I thought was a good learning lesson on healthy eating.

Did you notice the abundance of healthy fresh vegetables? Plenty of great sources of protein: lean beef, chicken, eggs, baked beans and protein powders to bump up the levels. Being in competitive training there are plenty of carbs to keep energy levels up with bread, pasta and starchy vegetables and even ice-cream to keep calories up and prevent breakdown of muscle.

More interesting for me was the lack of hamburgers, fish and chips, and other assorted junk foods. Ice-cream aside, the foods are all very good quality and designed to help his body stay in optimum sporting condition. Having spoken to a few competitive lifters they basically say their day is divided into training, recovery and eating!

So what can we learn from this?

Pictured above is an awesome example of a fantastic diet. Plenty of fruit and veges with good sources of protein. The main difference is the portion sizes and a reduction in the starchy carbs to match your current levels of movement and exercise.

Looking for some good healthy eating ideas? Check out these resources:

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