Paris Jackson Self Harm And Suicide

Hey there Guys. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the multiple news reports of how Paris Jackson had an episode of self harm.

As I discuss in the video below I am very disappointed in the way that a person in distress as been exploited and treated by the media.

Self harm and suicidal behaviour is an important sign of distress and very high risk time for immanent death. To have media outlets, journalists who have been trained in responsible reporting of mental health issues, report that as person to be just out for “drama” and to question the seriousness of a crisis by their choice of medications is incomprehensible.

I feel for Paris Jackson, a vulnerable 15 year old girl having to undergo a trail by public in a very distressing time in her life. I hope these journalists never have to endure the same treatment if they are in a similar situation.

If you are concerned or worried you make self harm seek help immediately. If the first person doesn’t help, don’t give up try another someone else.

Remember all hospitals have teams of people who are trained to care for people in psychological distress. You never have to go the journey alone.

Dr George Forgan-Smith



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