The Healthy Bear’s Reader Of The Week: Ben

Hey there Mate!

Today I wanted to take a bit of time out and do a special feature on one of The Healthy Bear’s readers, Ben.

Just last week Ben had posted to the Facebook wall about his amazing transformation:

G’Day Healthy Bear,
I think you have hit on a great idea. I have been through a transformation & lost 55 kilos the old natural way with good nutrition & lots of sweating.
Regards Benjamin

To have a reader share such amazing success is exciting, and I had to talk with this bloke. After a bit of email to and fro I was able to have Ben on the phone sharing his story for everyone to be able to benefit.

Imagine: Ben was living with diabetes, he had to sleep with a CPAP machine, and when he went to the doctor he was so heavy that his doctor’s scales were not able to read his weight!

Six months later Ben was 25kg lighter and this continued for a further 24 months to today with more than 55kg gone. Most exciting is that he now no longer needs to take medications for diabetes and he is able to sleep without his breathing machine.

I hope you find this 20 minute interview as inspiring as I did. Please enjoy the recording by hitting play below.

Key points I was able to take from this interview:

  • Find a doctor that is supportive and knowledgeable about weight loss, nutrition and exercise who can help guide your journey.
  • Be honest with your current diet and make some guided changes that support good nutrition you can maintain on a daily basis.
  • Exercise can be easily added via incidental exercise. You don’t need to join a gym, simple adjustments to your life can allow more movement into your day.
  • Make the plan the maintain the plan. Daily healthy eating and movement make massive differences over time.

Do you have a question for Ben? Please leave a comment below and I’ll pass them onto Ben to review.

Would you like to share your success story? Please leave a comment below or drop me a line and we can talk!

With big thanks to Ben, I hope you find his story inspirational.

Yours in good health!

Dr George

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