The Delusion Of Safe Sex? There’s An App For That.

Hey there Guys,

I am in absolute shock. I am sitting here staring at my screen, amazed at the absolute depths to which some people will sink to make a dollar. Why am I so angry?

Let me introduce “the world’s first iPhone application that allows you to share your Sexually Tranmitted (sic) Infection/Human Immunodeficiency Virus STI/HIV screening history instantly and confidentially.” Check-Mate

Yes indeed, this gutter scraping corporation has gone and created an app that allows people to share STI test results to potential sexual partners. Basically a simple, straight forward way to tell “the clean from the unclean”.

Have a look at the screen shot and quote provided from their website to see what I mean.



Does being a Chec-Mate™ application user guarantee that the individual does not have an STI?

ABSOLUTLY NOT.  The Chec-Mate™ application was developed to provide application users with a safe, secure and confidential platform to share important STI/HIV screening information and prevent individuals from providing false or misleading screening results that can be produced solely using outdated paper methods.


The company behind this app is the same company that created the concept of a “safe sex license”. A special card you can carry that one journalist reported : “It’s basically a license that can prove a clean bill of health or weed out the liars”


[pb_vidembed title=”” caption=”” url=”” type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″] For these products I  call the bullshit card.

I’m sorry but the results provided by any app, piece of paper or even whispered by the  supple lips of your next potential date are nothing other then a wonderful recitation of previous history. This shared information offers nothing more than an illusion of regular testing, providing no data that would indicate “a clean bill of health” or even indicate that someone may be a “liar”.

Guys we are smarter than this.

Absolutely, get tested on a regular basis but the only person for which these results have meaning is you. For everyone else it’s about fantastic, hot, sweaty, safe sex no matter what some crappy app reports.

Please don’t get suckered in by bullshit like this.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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