Three Important Questions That Can Identify A Stroke

Hey there Guys,

Today I wanted to share some important first aid tips that can help save a life if a person is having a stroke.

Unfortunately stroke symptoms are not always covered well in first aid courses and early medical care can make a big difference to quality of life and even help avoid death.

As mentioned in the video:


  1. Ask The Person To Speak

  2. Ask The Person To Smile

  3. Ask The Person To Raise Both Hands Above Their Head


If you notice the person is not able to complete any of the above three tasks, or they can not do the tasks like they normally would, call an ambulance immediately. Tell the operator you are concerned this person is having a stroke.

Even if the person is able to do the tasks but still has:

  • changes in sensation
  • loss of vision
  • weakness
  • difficulty walking or gripping
  • headache or
  • does not appear to understand what you are saying

again, call an ambulance.

Never feel embarrassed if the person does not end out having had a stroke. If they were you may have saved their life.

As a final note, please be aware that people of all ages can suffer with strokes. While most common in the older generations, I have one patient who had his stroke at the age of 22. Had it not been for the concern of his mother who noticed he was dribbling from the side of his mouth he may not have survived.

These 3 simple questions can save a life!

These 3 simple questions have saved lives!

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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