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Is Synthetic Marijuana Safe?

Today I read a report of a man who feared for his life after an overdose of synthetic marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana, sold as “Kronic” in Australia and “Spice” in the USA has already been associated with a number of deaths world wide.

Exploiting a legal loophole, people are manufacturing molecules similar to THC, the active molecule of marijuana, that are altered enough to dodge current legal statutes.

While they may be able to pass as a “legal” chemical, consuming synthetic marijuana is far from safe. Kronic and Spice can have significant side effects on the heart, brain and respiratory systems. People have also reported that doses are difficult to predict as batches can have variable levels of the active components.

Currently Australian laws as well as law makers in the USA are working towards having this potentially fatal product removed for sale.

While  currently sold as a “legal high” I would highly recommend avoiding the product due to it’s unpredictable nature and clear track record of harm. I urge you to not risk your life.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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