pregnancy test alerts man to testicular cancer

Positive Pregnancy Test Alerts Man To Testicular Cancer

Today I saw in the news an article where a man had jokingly taken his girlfriends pregnancy test and got a positive result. While he thought it was funny and posted about it to the internet it was his friends who alerted to him that this was a warning sign he might have testicular cancer. His friends were correct and what was thought to be a faulty test has probably saved this man’s life.

Pregnancy tests check for a particular hormone beta hCG. In pregnant females this is produced by the placenta, in men the presence of this hormone is a red flag for potential testicular cancer. In any case of suspected testicular cancer doctors check for a number of hormones as well as an ultrasound of the testicles to find changes in the shape or structure of the testicles.

This news highlights to me the importance of being aware that for young guys aged 15-35 testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer. Teaching guys to regularly examine their testicles for lumps or changes is an important skill and saves lives. Even something like noticing one testicle is heavier then the other can indicate testicular cancer.

How To Check For Testicular Cancer

If you notice any changes or have concerns about your testicles be sure to talk to your doctor to get a full examination.

Caught early testicular cancer is very treatable with a fantastic survival rate. You can listen to the story of my good friend Tim who I recently interviewed about his own testicular cancer journey:
Tim’s Testicular Cancer Story 

For some great resources be sure to check out “Single Jingles“, The Testicular Cancer Forum and The Better Health Guide To Testicular Cancer.

Have you checked your testicles today? Get in and do it now!

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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