Volunteering with Dr George

The Health Benefits of Volunteering

Hey there Guys, today I wanted to share a little about the health benefits of volunteering.

As you may know I am keen volunteer for the children’s cancer charity Camp Quality. Twice a year I take a week away from work and volunteer my time to work as a doctor at camps designed to help bring fun and joy into kids who have lived with cancer. Every camp I manage to learn just a little more about myself and these amazing kids. I’m grateful to have this opportunity and I often feel that I get much more from it then the kids!

Volunteering Can Increase Your Health

Just yesterday the Sydney Morning Herald published an article on the health benefits of volunteering. Dr Stephen Post a USA based researcher’s 2009 study has shown clear health benefits to both mental and physical health. Participants in the study reported better physical health, better sleep with happier moods and greatly reduced stress.

While I understand that taking a week away from work can be very difficult there are many ways people can contribute to their community. From helping pack condoms, driving people to appointments or even serving meals, there many opportunities to volunteer and help other people.

In addition to health benefits, volunteering has been shown to increase prospects of employment and is a fantastic way meet people of similar interests. I can certainly attest to many great couples I know who met while donating their time.

To quote my old boss, the wonderful doctor Chris Jambor:

If every person to just one week from their life to help serve other people, can you imagine what an amazing world it would be?

I think it would be incredible. What are your thoughts?

Yours in great health.

Dr George


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