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Hey there Guys,

Today I received a question for The Healthy Bear from Adam:

I was wondering if you have any ideas or comments on supplements to use (not steroids or anything illegal) to body build. I and my partner want to build thicker arms and legs and a firm stocky stomach.  I have been searching and all iIcan seem to find is guys wanting to drop 40 kgs and tone up, being slim and well, not what we are after.

Adam, is the the sort of body you were thinking of? Click play to check out power lifter Ben Seth’s body.

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Now I am the first to admit I am a huge fan of the power lifter / strong man kind of body so I thought who better to answer this question then my mate Donnie.

Say gidday to my mate Donnie

Donnie, interviewed on his 42nd birthday, has been practicing hardcore lifting now for 3 years though he has been going to the gym for over 12 years.

He started at the gym to initally to get bigger and stronger and fitter. He didn’t want to get to the age of 50 and be frail or weak.

When asked what his motivations were for getting into the strong man game he replied:

I do strongman because I don’t want ordinary strong, I want to be extraordinarily strong.

People live their entire life thinking ‘what if I could…’ I wanted to prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Also I am a openly out athlete and it drives me to show other athletes that being gay is not in anyway a impediment to been a strongman or good sportsman.

My hope is this helps other gay lifters and athletes to not fear coming out and being proud of who they are.

Click below for an 18 minute interview with Donnie covering the difference between bodybuilding and power lifting, routines, nutrition and a guide to getting started and resources.

Some resources mentioned in the interview: Arguably the number one body building forum on the net. They have  a section that is devoted to powerlifting and also some great beginners routines.

If you are new to exercise it is highly recommended you have a medical review before getting started. Click for an article I wrote on this topic including a printout for your doctor to go through with you. Your guide to pre exercise medical review.

Looking for a power lifting club? Click here to find your local power lifting groups.

Finally check out this article that is a bit of a starter’s guide to diet for building muscle. It’s a little technical but the point is to get a general feel for the ideas that Donnie speaks about. Good sources of protein, good quality carbs and plenty of water. Your Guide To A Diet To Build Muscle 

So guys get stuck into it!

Do you have any questions for me or Donnie? Please feel free to drop a message in the comment box below.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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