search for a gay sport hero

We Are Looking For A Gay Sport Hero

Hey there Guys. Today I saw a post by Ben Cohen stating that the search for a gay footballer player is turning into a witch hunt. I would like to rebut: Our search for a gay sport hero is hardly a witch hunt, we are looking for true heros. Gay men and women who can inspire generations of gay men and lesbians to excellence.

The Search For A Gay Sport Hero

While I agree that Ben Cohen has made huge steps forward with his work to reduce homophobia and bullying, I feel he is off the mark when it comes to a witch hunt.

For many young gay and lesbian people there is a true lack of real heros. People who are proud, strong and confident. People who are willing to put themselves on the line and say “yes, I am gay. I am proud, and you can be as well.”

As long as homophobia is unspoken within sport we will have situations where gay players are shunned, only coming out after their retirement.

I am the first to admit that I could not give a toss about sport. I am uncoordinated, blind as a bat and my only memories of sport are getting picked last with comments like “fuck, well I suppose I’ll take the faggot.”

While I can’t attest the desire to have a gay sport hero, there are many young gay men and women who do.

Currently we have situations where gay sportsmen are afraid, where gay men are pressured to stay in the closet risking loss of lucrative sponsorship deals. Gay is ok “but you better stay in the closet if you want to get ahead”, eh  Jason Ackermanis?

Each day I live in hope. Hope that we come to the space where being gay in sport is no longer newsworthy. A day when a “gay sport hero” is a “sport hero” who happens to be gay.

Ben Cohen I say to you it’s not the gay hero’s who need the witch hunt, it’s the homophobic club owners, sponsors and “old boys club” who known perfectly well just 2 words: “I’m gay” will kill a brilliant career.

These are the people we must hunt down and kill. They are the “pink ceiling” stopping true hero’s from being able to rise.

Yours in good health.

Dr George


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