A Story For World AIDS Day 2012

Hey there Guys. This year for World AIDS Day I wanted to create something a little different.

For the past few years I have shared videos that talk about the many issues that people living with HIV are currently facing. Today I wanted to take a slightly different tact.

Don’t get me wrong, HIV is still a huge global issue. Nations in Africa are still being devastated by this virus, good friends are still being lost, HIV prevention, treatment and ongoing health of people already infected must continue to be a priority if we are to end the global devastation this virus has forged.

Today on World AIDS Day I urge you to remember the lost friends, and to think and care about the many people for whom HIV has become an unwelcome reality.

When I was 18 I was just coming out. HIV was a new and scary disease with infections rising and effective treatment not yet fully developed. Stigma of HIV was huge. People were frightened.  People still are. Discrimination is still a huge barrier to the care and love of friends.

Christmas the year I was 18 my sister gave me a book “Gay Fairy Tales” which I have treasured for many years. One story from that book truly touched me. The first time I read it I wept so deeply. This story changed my view of HIV significantly. Today as my part of World AIDS Day I wanted to share this story forward. Rumpelstiltskin, retold for a gay audience.

Rumpelstiltskin Read For World AIDS Day 2012

Today as you stop and think of the impact HIV has had on all of our lives, I urge you to take 20 minutes from your day and enjoy this story. I hope it brings you enlightment and the joy that I had when I first read it. I hope you can feel the joy I have had in creating it. Most importantly, today on World AIDS Day, I hope this story makes you think.

Take the time, after all when was the last time you had a story read to you?

Yours in love, always remembering the wonderful friends I have lost to this fucking cunt of a virus.

Hugs. Dr George

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