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Would You Trust A Fat Doctor?

Hey there Guys. So let me ask a question, would you trust a fat doctor?

A recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity has come back with the answer, no. Majority of people don’t trust, doubt the credibility and are less likely to follow instructions offered by doctors perceived to be obese.

From the other side of the table a study of doctors show that if a doctor considered themselves to overweight they were unlikely to diagnose or offer treatment for patients who where also obese.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that a doctor’s own size influenced how he or she cared for patients with weight problems. Overweight or obese physicians were less likely to discuss weight loss with heavy patients: only 18% of these doctors discussed losing weight with their patients while 30% of normal weight physicians did.

What’s more, the researchers found that 93% of doctors diagnosed obesity in their patients only if they believed their own weight was equal to or less than that of their patients; only 7% of doctors who believed their weight exceeded that of their patients diagnosed obesity.

I 100% agree with these findings. When I was at my heaviest of 113kg I honestly felt like a hypocrite to be offering weight advice to people when I was struggling to tie my shoes without getting out of breath.

It was this feeling of embarrassment that lead me to take control of my health and to reduce my belly.

Since that time I have chosen to eat in a healthful way as well as adding daily movement into my schedule. By just making these simple choices my weight has come to a natural equilibrium and I am feeling more energetic and healthy.

For many of my patients I’m actually more interested in encouraging healthy eating and movement rather then monitoring numbers. Skinny does not equal healthy and being overweight does not equal unhealthy.

For all of us there is a healthy equilibrium where our weight and level of fitness is ideal for a vibrant lifestyle, no matter what the actual numbers on the scale say.

One website I have found that is packed with great information about healthy living at any weight is “Health At Every Size“.

I hope over time removing the stigma of obesity will free doctors and patients to come together and have  honest conversations about healthy life choices.

What are your thoughts, would you trust a fat doctor?

Dr George

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  1. Lucy June 30, 2019 at 11:14 am #

    I in fact trust this doctor. I think it’s safe to assume you found this image one google, so you wouldn’t know that he lost over 100lbs on the biggest loser not to mention he is an incredible women’s health and obgyn doctor.

    On the subject of the article, everyone has different body issues. Their personal body issues should not affect my opinion if they are a highly skilled professional.

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