Are You Wasting Money On Gym Membership?

Hey there Guys.  Across the world every January there is huge spikes in people joining gyms. This is mainly promoted by new year resolutions to “get fit” or to “lose weight”.

While getting fit is an awesome idea, joining a gym may not the best plan for losing weight.

By far the biggest cause of weight gain in the western world is over eating, not under exercising.

As noted by the Australian Medical Association Dr Steve Hambleton:

“Unless you are a marathon runner, you will be able to out-eat any exercise program,” Dr Hambleton says.

“We’ve got to eat the right food – but less of it. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

“You need to reduce the calories you’re consuming, then think about what sort of exercise suits you best.”

Dr Hambleton says he always tells his clients to go on the ELF diet.

“Eat Less Food – it’s very simple. In general, we eat too much.”

And rather than expensive gyms, a brisk 30-minute daily walk or swim are among the best exercises for most people.

Joining a gym can be costly, especially if you sign up on a contract and only attend for the first few weeks of the year.

As I tell all my patients, being healthy is simple but not easy, you just need  eat nutritious foods, stop eating the moment you feel you are full and get 30 minutes of movement every day.

Save your money on gym membership and spend the money on some good cookware and a couple of easy to follow healthy cook books.

To get your daily movement I recommend grabbing a friend and getting out and walking.

The 30 minutes spent each day is a great way to get your muscles moving. Having a friend as an “accountability buddy” can encourage you when you don’t feel in the mood.

Getting healthy is simple, but not necessarily easy. As with most things, persistence pays off.

Daily action compounds and has a huge impact on your health. Joining a gym mean’s nothing if you don’t attend or over eat after a work out.

Yours in vibrant health.

Dr George

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